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Who would have thought a 5.28 40-yard dash would catapult Brady into the NFL GOAT?

Turn your weakness into your competitive strength.

LAWonCTV- Legal Advertising Works on CTV core strength is our size- We Are Small 😊. That means our clients are huge.

We work as an extension of our client's business, rather than the traditional vendor relationship. Our success depends on our client's success, we are happy to put you in touch with some of our partners.

Don't let size fool you, I have worked for some of the largest media companies in the media business. In the #CTV #OTT #Streaming business many large media companies use 3rd parties to fulfill, meaning they are not even running the campaigns they are selling.

We are small intentionally so we focus 100% on client goals. While small, we are fierce, our inventory partners, data, and attribution partners are preeminent. This allows LawonCTV to build targeted profiles, deliver high-quality impressions, measure & improve your legl campaigns.

We are not bound by contracts or corporate to work with any specific vendors. We are bound by our commitment to our client partners to deliver the best ROI. Simply stated we select the best vendors so your campaigns deliver.

We want to run like Tom

#CTV #OTT # Streaming always getting better


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