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Legal advertising on OTT

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Our clients see everything we see. Total transparency is the foundation for regular consultation calls where we test, optimize, and improve campaigns through date driven analytical approach.

Pace Report

All impressions, while are important, are not equal. CTV airs on big screen TV where the message is non-skippable, 100% full screen, delivers the most impact, and 63% of the time has co- viewing. LAW on CTV has developed effective and efficient procedure for mobile devices computers, desktops and tablets.

Delivery by Device

What platform and devices are impression running on?

All Deals

Review every CTV Deal where impressions run.

LAW on CTV runs impressions on premium private marketplace and direct deals. Impressions do not run in open exchange or as remnant fill. Clients see every detail, every deal. All CTV| OTT including CPM, VCR, CTR, Zip, Time of Day, Day of Week. Want more just ask.

Delivery By Day

Delivery by Day

Complete visualization of when impressions run and the relationship between devices.

Impressions run 6a-Mid, overnight can be included if requested. Impressions run across all screens with a planned with a and professional orchestration. The goal is to become ubiquitous and increase share of mind and ROI.

impression by hour
Views & Clicks

A B Testing let the data show the most effective creative.

There is a better way to understand the impact of your creative. Some messages connect better that others, Law on CTV will help you figure out the best messaging by device.

Successful campaigns have a great mix of reach and frequency.

Reach and frequency are important pillars of a successful campaign. Many law firms achieve low reach high frequency due to daypart compression. CTV | OTT provides the opportunity for legal advertisers to reach their most likely audience when and where they are watching.

R & F Report2

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