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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is LawonCTV different and how can they help me with a local CTV | OTT solution?
    LAWonCTV spealizes in helping law firms increas the right cases and reduing the cost per case. We are 100% transparent, our clients see everything we see including our fee. We do not work on a margin this allows us to pursue your goal 100% of the time. We have years of expierence in TV, Digital, Cable,and Radio. This real-world experience gives us an edge in providing real-world results for your business.
  • What is Connected TV (CTV) | Over The Top (OTT)?
    There is a lot of confusion and debate over CTV and OTT but there should not be CTV- devices that deliver content to a television - It means streaming that appears on the TV. CTV includes devices such as Smart TV, Stream Sticks, Streaming Boxes, Game Consoles... OTT is internet based video | content being delivered without a broadcaster or cable company. While OTT can be delivered to devices beyond CTV devices, The IAB. Comscore, and other leaders in the space focus primarily on TV's.
  • How much does Connected tv (CTV) Over The Top (OTT) advertising cost?
    CTV | OTT is typically sold on a cost per thousand bases (CMP). The CPM typically range form can run $15-$50. Quality matters, as an advertiser, in addition to long form branded networks, you should insist on a well planned audience profile that includs Geo, Age, Income, Purchase Intent, Lifestyle... Law on CTV only sell Premium long-form content, in short, that means programs 22 minutes or longer. Some providers will sell clips and user-generated content. We only work with Private Marketplace inventory that has been curated for safety and quality. We show 100% of our costs on every network | provider in every daypart. You are guaranteed 100% full transparency. Our clients never guess on cost or fees charged
  • Everyone selling CTV | OTT tells me a different sotry. What is the official defination of CTV | OTT
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau- IAB, Media Rating Council-MRC, Nielsen, Comscore, and other official media orgnizations defination of CTV | OTT all focus on the TV. It is a Smart TV or a device connected to a TV to facilitate the delivery of internet based video content. Short and simple, CTV | OTT is not Video delivered to phone, tablet or computers. Sure you can watch video on these devices and they are essential but the viewer expierence, attention, and impact is different. Portable device and computer video of long form content is delivered through an FEP player. While the difference here may seem trivial, it is important that we all speak the same language. It is curtial to the outcome of an advertising campaign that your provider has a strategy to address CTV and FEP. Still have questions? Call us we can help 727 580 4857.
  • What is View Through reporting?
    View through reporting is a measurement of post advertising exposure. It tracks an exposed parties activity after viewing advertising impression is delivered. If a viewer watches a commercial and then visits the marketer site it counts as a view through Advertisers determin the lenght of the look back window, the measure of time between exposure and visit. View Throughs do not require a click, only an ad exposure and site visit. View Through gives the advertiser the ability to attribute CTV exposure to site activity. Your local CTV | OTT campaign should include Click Thorugh and View Through reporting. If you have questions contact us, we are happy to help.
  • Is CTV and FEP inventory different as related to Local CTV | OTT advertising?
    That may depend who you ask. If you askLawonCTV CTV and FEP inventory are very different. Connected TV Inventory (CTV) palys on the glass of your TV. Connected TV delivers professionaly produced content without a cable subscription. FEP stands for Full Episode Player. FEP also streams professional produced content but it is not directed only to the glass on your TV. FEP plays in web browsers, apps, tablets, desk tops and phones. The difference is large and many sellers don't know it or are willingly not disclosing. The Television expierence or 10 foot living room expierence often includes co-viewing and is always 100% of the screen. FEP- viewing on mobile phones, laptops and desktops. FEP is often not full screen, not full attention, a user may even be on a different tab while content is playing. CTV of FEP is a question you should ask your vendor and get a deffinitive answer. If they dont know it quick walk. The only Inventory reserved for televisions is CTV inventory. Still have questions? Call LawonCTV and we will help 727 580 4857.
  • Why have so many viewers shifted to CTV | OTT
    75% of all households have a connected tv device. Devices are alway gettng better and CTV | OTT networks continue to flurish. People no longer wait to see their favorite program. With CTV | OTT people watch what, when, and where they want. There is no cable company to wait on and when out of town people log into their accounts wherever they are. Today conectivity and technology are fantastic. Devices are under $30 and most people have smart TV's. 82% of cord cutters are happy with the decision to cancle cable and 56% say cable is not necessary. More research here
  • Do I get reporting and how often?
    Law on CTV provides a full and robust reporting suite? you choose, daily, weekly, or monthly Typical report includes Date, hours impression ran, CTV Deals, Creative, CPM, Click Through Rate (CTR), Video Completion Rate (VCR), Campaign pace, reach and Frequency. See an example here
  • What is a lookback window?
    Conversions from individuals that have view or cliccked on an AD, Simply stated- It is the time between ad exposure and action tracked. It can be immediate, someone sees and ad and clicks; or it can be delayed, an individual sees a CTV AD 1st day of month but visits the advertisers site 7 days later. Lookback windows can differ in lenghts from 24 hours to 45 days depending on campaign goals and strategy. EX On a direct response campaign it may be 24 hours, on an automotibe campaign it could be 45 days.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about  local Connected TV | Over The Top advertising 

If you still have questions about local CTV | OTT advertising, please call 727 580 4857 or fill out a form and we will post the answer as soon as possible.

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