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IAB Report

The latest information and research on CTV | OTT from the IAB.

CTV | OTT Ad-Supported Viewer Profile- Younger than linear TV 40% 38-53, more diverse, higher income, children in the home.

CTV | OTT HH will reach parity with pay HH. There are 97 million CTV | OTT HH compared to 89 million Cable Households.

The average HH has 3 connected devices. Smart TV's have the highest device penetration but Roku dominates viewing hours.


high attention = high Intention

Comscore State of OTT June 2020. Traditional TV consumption increased at the onset of the COVID pandemic but by late April started to drift back to traditional viewing levels. 

Just like traditional TV,  CTV | OTT viewership skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic. Unlike TV, CTV | OTT is holding on to viewership gains in Households and Hours consumed.

Ad-Supported leads subscription-based CTV | OTT in total numbers and growth Jan to March 2020. Comscore OTT intelligence March 2020

CTV | OTT is mainstream. The Average home watches over 100 Hours per month. Comscore OTT intelligence March 2020

CTV |OTT penetration +333% Hard Wired Cable-25% over the last decade

Leichtman Research Group

CTV | OTT A 18-35 55% watch Daily, A 35-54 48% watch Daily  Leichtman Research Group June 2020

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