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TV Works, CTV works Better.

Why do so many attorneys use TV?

Because it works. In 2019, the legal category spent almost 1 billion dollars on TV and cable. This is an enormous amount of money, and it is indicative of two things:


Legal advertising on TV works

The investment in TV and Cable would not continue if
it did not generate a hefty ROI.


Legal advertising on TV and Cable is competitive

Most of the advertising is concentrated in daytime and late-night, and these dayparts are very crowded.

Expounding on the two points above, legal advertising on cable and TV works but not as good as it did in the last decade.

Why? Because there are many more viewing choices than ever before, and viewers have scattered among these choices and platforms.

Why are so many legal advertisements crammed into daytime television and late-night TV? Because these dayparts are cheap, much cheaper than prime time, and it is where attorneys feel they can generate the most frequency. This frequency often comes at the lack of reach as daytime television and late-night have the lowest viewing levels. With CTV | OTT all dayparts  Cost Per Thousand are the same.

Image by Aditya Joshi

Law on CTV will improve your odds of success

It really is a numbers game, and not a very good one. Advertising to everyone, everywhere, and hoping to impact the right viewers is a gamble. With Connected TV (CTV) | Over the top (OTT) we turn the possible audience into a probable audience by identifying age, income, education, ethnicity, occupation, geography and more. Think of it as a dart board.

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Your message will stand out and get noticed on CTV | OTT 

CTV | OTT Viewers tend to be younger more diverse and harder to reach with traditional media. The length of commercial breaks or the number of commercials in the break on CTV | OTT tend to be lower, and it is a much less competitive environment. Viewers of CTV | OTT pick the daypart and programming, and consequently, they are more likely to be “tuned in”. This high attention leads to high intention. In fact, 40% of OTT users have paused content to purchase or seek more information online. LAW on CTV will make your message stand out and get noticed.

Image by Benigno Hoyuela


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