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Success on CTV | OTT

How Can your Firm Compete

Big law firms tend to have big budgets, and will advertise in more popular dayparts such as morning news, prime access, prime time, and sports. How can you possibly compete?

Out think them just like David did to Goliath.

You are advertising to everyone, everywhere, but are they watching, listening, receiving and being influenced by your message?

TV, Cable, and Radio audiences have been measured in 1/4 hour increments for over 60 years. Ratings are not reflective of the audience that is actually viewing listening to your commercial message, they are a representation of the 15 minutes time zone where your commercial aired. It is common for viewers to channel surf when commercials start to run. Often times viewers are not consciously avoiding your message. Their brain, specifically the Reticular Activating System (RAS), the gatekeeper of stimulus overload kicks in and hands reach for the remote.

With traditional television, cable, and radio, skipping commercials is very easy for the viewer | listener. Fortunately, CTV | OTT commercials are non-skippable. So even when your unconscious mind tells you to change the channel, you can’t or you will drop out of the program. The averages CTV | OTT commercial has 95%+ viewing completion rate.

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Non Skippable Commercials 
Video Completion Rate 95%+

They are watching but are they listening?

LAW on CTV employs a highly selective process to deliver your message to the right audience based on age, income, occupation, geo, etc. Rather than reaching everyone, your message will be distributed to the most receptive and qualified audience. After that group sees a commercial message on CTV|OTT, we then send the same message or sequenced message to their phones, computers, and tablets. This process makes your law firm ubiquitous. When someone says "I see this advertisement everywhere" it may or may not be absolute, but that is what Selective Perception is telling them. Being seen at full length and across all screens builds a direct link between RAS and Selective Perception. When this is achieved, your law firm when you gained a share of mind.

This is exactly why CTV|OTT advertising is more effective. According to an OpenX study 2019 72% of streamers recall seeing an Advertisement and a whopping 40% have paused that content to learn more online.

Have a proven strategy for success

or work with the company that has one developed. LAW on CTV has achieved great results for many law firms. We recognize law firms marketing goals and markets are unique, we customize an effective strategy for our clients including strategic budgeting, a finely tuned audience, and a Cross-Device strategy that will influence your most likely audience, at the exact time they are watching, on the devices they watch most, in the programs they love, with optimal reach and frequency. As your firm gains share of watch time, you also gain a share of mind. The result is improved ROI and an ability to compete regardless of size.


How did you hear about us? 

Strategy is not running a bunch of ads, and then asking how did you hear about us, or providing a dropdown pick list.

A blueprint for a successful campaign is a well thought out campaign that will impact all screens and has analytics that can be tracked and improved upon.

Law on CTV will custom build an audience profile for you. We will review it with you to make sure it contains your most likely prospects in desirable locations. We have a three-layer approach to audience profiles. Prospecting, In Market, and retargeting. This approach allows our clients to generate top of mind awareness while also impacting people with an immediately need.  While media has changed drastically, basic principles of the purchase funnel remains the same. The simplest levels are   Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Law on CTV Campaigns or set up to deliver influence throughout the entire cycle.

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