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About Us

Law on CTV

In 1941 the first Ad ran on Television. Law firms were prohibited from TV advertising until 1977. Most marketers and advertisers had a 36-year advantage on legal advertising. Advertising has changed the last decade, ConnectADtv (CTV) | Over The Top TV (OTT) has fundamentally changed how viewers consume media. Law Firms now have an opportunity to be at the forefront of advertising and gain a strategic advantage over the competition. Legal Advertising Works on CTV (LAW on CTV) will help your firm increase the right cases and reduce the cost per case.

We are advertising professionals with experience in Broadcast, Cable, Digital, Print, and Radio. Marketing runs through our veins. Clients rely on us to be the best at what we do, so they can be the best at what they do. We specialize in CTV | OTT, we are 100% committed to client success, total transparency, and making CTV | OTT easy.

LAW on CTV has been involved in CTV | OTT since advertising was introduced into the ecosystem. We are certified on elite platforms, Google, The Trade Desk, DataXu | Roku… While diplomas are good, they will never replace real world experience. The LAW on CTV team has years of experience working with large, medium, and small law firms. There are many people who are book smart, or technical, or good marketers… the blackbelt move is combining all elements to deliver prime results.

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Reviewing the Laws

The LAW on CTV team has held management positions and sold for distinguished media companies. We have pioneered many breakthrough initiatives but have been let down by the way many large media companies jumped into the digital world. Fast tracking solutions, white labeling, rushed training, novice front end and back end, erroneous transparency, and scorch the earth policies, have lead to a turn and burn mentality. Do your TV, Radio, and cable reps even talk about their core product anymore? If not, you can bet the commission is all on CTV and Digital.

Our past success, and our conviction that there is a better way to do business inspired us to start Legal Advertising Works on CTV (LAW on CTV). We take pride in answering directly to our clients, not to a board of directors or shareholders. We have shifted from “doing things right in a corporate environment” to “doing the right thing for our clients”. There is a world of difference.

We once worked with a consultant that would say “anything done well works”. While that may be true, some things work better than others (we are not sure if he was making an excuse for his product). Video tells stories, can make you laugh or cry, feel scared or impowered. More than any other media, video inspires people to take action. We’re data nerds, there is gold in the numbers when mined properly. Digital provides the precise deep targeting and attribution needed to triumph in the competitive field of legal marketing. CTV | OTT combines the best of both worlds. Our goal is to figure out what works and do more of it. CTV | OTT provides that ability. We have moved past gut intuition and tracking forms. LAW on CTV collects View Throughs, Click Throughs, day of week, time of day, creative, anything that will help law firms stand out and achieve better results. Campaigns are continually being optimized., it is an ongoing process. We provide granular reporting and have regular review calls to enhance campaign results.

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LAW on CTV will listen to your needs, explore your practice, identify and share audience profiles and geographic area. We have spent our careers creating measurable, meaningful relationships, Let’s get started.

727 580 4857 or connect with us.

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