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Adding a QR code to your CTV OTT Streaming advertising campaign can improve recall and response.

Use QR codes with your local CTV | OTT | Streaming campaign to
build a 1st to 3rd screen advantage and improve AD recall.

We all want our messages to resonate with our intended audiences.
local CTV advertising is a great start. The addressability provided by CTV | OTT | Stremaning helps assure your message is being served to and seen by the audience most likely to respond.  

What about recall?

We have all seen entertaining, clever, commercials. Some great commercials have been produced on a small budget. Others feature special effects, mega-stars, famous athletes, comedians comedy... One thing all commercials should shoot for is recall. That can be a great challenge in today's over message society.

Have you ever seen a great ad but forgot the advertiser? chances are you have.

                                             Adding a QR code to your local CTV | OTT message can improve recall and response.

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Want to know more about adding a QR code to your next CTV | OTT | Streaming campaign. Let's talk - 727-580-4857.

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