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Theaters & Movies are not going away but the way we view them is changing.

As of July 2021, 33% of TV viewers have paid to stream new movie releases at their homes. It appears like that number is only getting larger.

Theaters & Movies are not going away but the way we view them may change.

COVID has definitely impacted an evening out at the movie theater. But movie theaters are dealing with much more than just the pandemic. The movie industry as a whole has changed. Many movie studios are releasing new movies directly to streaming, as part of streaming bundles, or simultaneously to streaming and theaters.

Add affordable and improved streaming technology now in over 80% + of US households and it is easy to see more viewers watching movies from home.

Next movie, I will make some popcorn and grab the best seat in my house. My big screen TV, surround sound, recliner, ease of streaming, and CTV | OTT features such as pause and rewind make for a superb experience when viewing a new movie or any content.

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