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CTV| Streaming A lot for a little, well way less than my cable bill.

I am a heavy streamer, I subscribe to 7 different Streaming services and several stand-alone apps. I readily admit this is a bit of overkill and I would have plenty to watch if I cut this in half.

I didn't plan on subscribing to seven different services.

Paramount plus was free from my cell provider.

Amazon prime I purchased for the free shipping. There are definitely some good programs which I have been judged.

Peacock was $1.99 a month and HBO Max was $69 a year. I subscribe to these two services because I wanted to see what the Ad experience was like. I think HBO Max is quickly becoming a favorite.

I also have Hulu Live TV which replaced my traditional cable. I originally purchased ESPN plus because I am a sports fan but that is now part of the Hulu package so I consider that free.

This leaves only Netflix which I now rarely watch and as soon as the ad-supported option becomes available I will switch.

The bottom line I have more streaming options than I could possibly ever want. My streaming bill is still way less than my cable bill. It is easier to utilize the streaming services than fight with my cable company and if I want I can turn it on and off whenever I want. I can also watch on several different platforms regardless of where I am and the wifi signal I am using.

#CTV #Streaming #OTT always getting better for viewers and local advertisers


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