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Ordinary people can have extraordinary success through 10,000 hours of practice

In Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers, Gladwell writes ordinary people can have extraordinary success through 10,000 hours of practice.

Tom Brady & Michael Jordan are fantastic examples. Both of these athletes were | Are great, likely always have been but it also took practice, dedication, and incredible drive (SISU)

Brady was a Back-Up his first two years and the University of Michigan and only drafted to the NFL in the 6th round. Michael Jordan failed to make his high school varsity team as a sophomore and played junior varsity.

It is a sure thing that both of these Super Stars are well over 10000 hours. Just take a look at the attached video.

I will never be Brady or Jordan, but I am working on 10000 hours. Currently, I am 9360 hours in on creating a fantastic #CTV #Streaming company. I have been making every excuse to succeed- that means developing skills, finding the best digital, data, inventory, and client partners.

I am going over 10000, that is just a starting point.

Need help with your next CTV campaign? Please put my hours to work for you.

Is the Tom Brady video real or fake?

#CTV#Streaming#OTT always getting better


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