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9/12/22 Emmys TV's tent pole event hits a new low

I posted about award shows back in July 2022. My post was not about award shows lack of relevancy, all of the awards show ratings have fallen off the Cliff. It was about the strange paradox of networks giving up three hours of their highest and best prime time to promote shows that are winning on streaming.

The networks all know that eventually most things will be streamed. My guess is that Networks are OK with this. They have invested heavily in streaming end when viewers watch the network's direct stream, networks keep all the profits rather than giving inventory to the local affiliates.

Here's the link to the original article

and here is a link to an article I just finished.

Eventually network executives will figure out that promoting other people's shows is not in their best interests.

While I don't know how long award shows will continue, my prediction is that networks will move these shows to their streaming offering such as Peacock and Paramount +.


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