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  • Robert Eckelman

Trust in U.S. Media at an all-time low 26%. Does social media have anything to do with that?

U.S. Trust in media is at 26%, lower than any other country in the world.

According to the Reuters Institute, Digital News Report 2022

The study also indicates 42% of U.S. adults actively avoid the news. Why listen to someone else's point of view when you can amplify your thoughts on social media. I am not saying social media is bad, but for all the positives there can be negatives such as limiting thoughts and when misused can be harmful. Plenty of articles on social media just Google it.

Consider this, the U.S. is getting news from Facebook 31%, YouTube 22% and other social outlets. Is adding to the lack of trust (link here ). My belief is that it does.

Everyone has their own worldview. Social media makes it easy to amplify thoughts and share whether it is trustworthy or not.

A 26% trust rate should be a stiff warning to media companies and those that are heavily influenced by social outlets on the web that change is needed.

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