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  • Writer's pictureRobert Eckelman

There must be bigger plans. NFL+ seems like a snoozer ZZZZ.

The NFL is launching NFL +. You think they would have picked a different name. The last name that ended in + was CNN+ plus. It operated for only 30 days (or less) it was a complete disaster and was shut down.

In addition to a poor name, my thoughts only, the content is really odd and lacking, in my opinion.

Here is what you get with NFL +.

Out-of-market preseason games, do we really care?

Live local primetime and regular season games on mobile devices only. I think most people can get those already on TV. Why would I watch a football game on a 6 inch screen when I have a 60-inch screen in my house?

· The $4.99 per month service will include all out-of-market preseason games.

· It will also include mobile device access to live local and prime-time regular season and postseason games. I sure hope it can cast to the TV


Who knows maybe in addition to currently negotiating a carriage deal with Broadcast, Cable, or Streaming they are reserving the right to negotiate with a cell company or holding back something to somehow stay in the streaming game. I don't know I'll be watching I guess we'll have to wait for halftime.


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