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Body, Mind & Spirit some people get more done in 24 hours than others. Wonder why?

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Some people get more done, have everlasting energy, and are happy with the task at hand. Have you ever heard the statement if you want something done ask a busy person? Aligning your body mind and spirit will bolster your personal and business productivity and joy. It's all very easy, I am not preaching or suggesting anything radical. There are simple steps in life one can take to improve.

This is a good article I read - link

and here is my here is my take on things

Clear your cluttered mind- Write things down

Dedicate daily time for breathing or meditating (Wim Hof)

Mindfulness- Attitude of Gratitude (be specific)

Exercise and eat right (Eating clean and proper hydration is key)


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