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Bike MS 2023 is taking place March 18-March 19 at Championsgate, FL.

Over 1 Million people in the US have MS, which is a staggering 1 out of 350 people. Million. If 1 Million Americans have MS. Imagine how many people MS impacts probably well over 3 million.

There is no cure for MS and the average cost of medicines to treat MS is an unbelievable 80,000 plus. These medicines are not always effective, they may help some and not others. The goal of these medicines is to slow down the progressions, one day it will be great to have medicine with the goal of curing MS.

My friend Brad Romp has been riding Bike MS, for the last 17 years. He rides 150 miles over two days and to date has raised over $300,000 for the National MS Society. As a healthy person, think about how hard that is to ride 150 miles. Now think about it if you were Brad,

he has MS. Every rotation of the pedals is growing grueling. 90% of people with MS suffer from daily fatigue. It is said the average person with MS uses three times more energy than a person without MS. sure brad's odometer will say 150 miles, his body will say 450 miles.

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