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Will traditional TV and Cable survive when CTV channels are adding shows live Survivor?

They will (I hope they do) but they will have to change.

Five years from now Broadcast TV and traditional cable will look much different. News and Sports will continue to be viewed live I believe most entertainment programming will be on-demand. Many cable companies will become virtual like Hulu, Sling, Philo, Fubo. All cable companies will have to offer custom options and better value. I cut the cord when cable boxes cost me $60 per month and after waiting many hours for the cable guy to come to my home. For me, CTV is easier, better, and I receive more value. The current annualized rate of cable subscription decline is between 7% and 8% a MoffettNathanson study indicated cable could be gone in 12 years

More Here, it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT


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