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Top five essentials that make my Home Office productive. Tips most can use as we work from home

I have been working from home for almost three years. The COVID pandemic has forced many people to work from home and I believe this will be a trend. I am happy to share some essentials of a Home Office That will make it productive

1, comfortable chair-when I first started my Home Office, I sat on a metal chair for almost 60 hours a week. My butt back feet and neck all hurt. Selecting the right chair can be a challenge the one that is most comfortable for the first 5 minutes may not be the one most comfortable for the next 5 hours.

2. Stand-Up desk -There are many reasons this helps but the top reasons it improves your mood, energy leve, and productivity. See all reasons Stand up desks help have a stand-up L shaped desk from Monoprice it is fantastic highly recommend it.

3. Comfortable shoes- if you are going to stand you will want some comfortable shoes. After sitting in a metal chair and now standing several hours a day, my feet began to hurt. I fixed that problem with a pair of OOFOS and Hokas. I alternate. I recommend these brands but whatever ever works for you go for it.

4. A great monitor the largest size that fits on your desk. I recommend a monitor that can swivel and has adjustable height. This is a feature I never thought about until I purchased the right monitor it is a lifesaver. I have 3 27-inch monitors on my desk. They are different brands and without question, I have a favorite that I use most of the time. Great monitors cost more but you are going to be staring at it for hours at a time, it will be worth a bit extra. I purchased a cheap monitor in a pinch. 4 weeks later I gave it giving it away, in the end cheap monitors cost more.

5. A neck hammock. I just added this to my list of essentials. working from home I just do not move around as much As I did in an office. I am also doing much more computer work, and everyone's favorite of the COVID epidemic video conferencing. This can lead to neck pain. Vokka Neck Traction Hammock purchased on amazon under $25, love it.

I also have a blue snowball USB microphone. I find them great for voice dictation and video conferencing

There are many more helpful tips but after three years these are my top five. Good luck, make the most of it. I love working from home and I believe many more of us will do that in the future.


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