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The changing delivery of your favorite Audio & Video is in hyperspeed,

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Cable, Broadcast has moved to Streaming. There is truly fantastic and personalized content for everyone. My favorite shows today are programs I did not even know of yesterday thanks to recommendation engines from Amazon Prime, Roku, and Hulu, not to mention social media.

Leaders turn to laggers or get stronger. It does not happen by accident. Be wise watch the trends, be an innovator, or at least in the early minority. If Buggy Whip makers knew they were in the transportation business they would still be around today and we would know them by brand name. Remember I tunes? Here is the latest on audio streaming.

Digital music services by monthly listeners (YoY growth) according to eMarketer:

1) Spotify - 79M  (↑ 20%)

2) Pandora - 58M (↓ 8%)

3) Amazon Music - 46M (↑ 18%)

4) Apple Music - 35M (↑ 6%)

Look at the graph above of absolute leaders and see how they have changed over a short period of time. Compare it to your marketing effort over the last few years. Has it changed? If not, it may be time for a heart to heart with your team. Legal Advertising Works on CTV (LawonCTV) is always happy to discuss., it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT


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