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Oprah, Harry, Megan- was it really the Royal Curtain or just The Emperor’s New Clothes. Link to above article

I have read many headlines, tweets, and Google searches results. They are all gushing about Oprah's March 7th 2-hour Interview with Harry & Meghan. While this was something one a megastar like Oprah could have pulled off the ratings did not meet the hype.

National ratings for the Oprah Interview with Harry & Megan

3.6 A 25-54

2.6 18-49

For comparison here are the 2009-2010 Prime Time Ratings A 18-48 for the 2009-2010 season.

American Idol Fox Tue 9.2 Wed 8.4 Undercover Boss CBS 6.7 Big Bang Theory CBS 6.3 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 6.3 House Fox 6.1 Two and a Half Men CBS 5.6

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