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Local CTV | OTT advertising, your Law Firms next best advertising opportunity

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Why CTV| OTT (Connected TV and Over The Top TV) is a fantastic opportunity for law firms And legal advertisers. TV works but not as good as it once did, why? Because there are more viewing choices than ever before. In the past Judge Judy may have been the gold standard but no longer. CTV | OTT consumers watch what, when, and where they want. Legal advertising is one of the top categories in most local TV markets. If you want to run next to every other law firm keep utilizing the middle of the day and late night. These two dayparts have something in common. They are time periods with the lowest viewing levels. If you want competitive separation, uniqueness, and great results go after the audience most likely to respond. CTV | OTT Viewers tend to be younger more diverse and harder to reach with traditional media. The length of commercial breaks tend to be shorter, the likelihood of running in the same pod as a competitor is way lower. Viewers of CTV | OTT pick the daypart and programming, they are tuned in. High attention leads to high intention, 40% of OTT | CTV users have paused content to purchase or seek more information online. LAW on CTV will make your message stand out and get noticed. In addition to the amazing opportunity, CTV | OTT offers law firms it must also be accompanied by a well-planned strategy and professional execution. That means having a solid audience profile and cross-device strategy. More on that in a later post. If you want that information now, call 727-580-4857 Local CTV | OTT advertising, your next best advertising opportunity, it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT


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