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CTV, OTT, Streaming, too many acronyms & Companies (people) creating too much confusion.

Recipe for success and an understanding of CTV | OTT | Streaming

Start with a company that has a solid understanding of where the CTV | OTT | Streaming space is right now. Beware there are many people that work at good companies that only have a superficial understanding and lots of pressure to sell.

Ask what that company is doing daily to grow with into this blossoming space and how that will help your company. We are only in chapter one. If a company is not moving forward it's moving backward.

Find a company that is 100% transparent and one that will focus more on your goals rather than confusing you with acronyms and competitions. An easy test to see if the company is transparent, ask them to open the campaign in front of you for a quick view of the custom audience profile, GEO's, CPM' Reach & frequency. If they can't do it there are 2 possibilities. 1, the can't is really a won't, 2, they are using a 3rd party to fulfill. Either way, it is a bad sign.

When you find the right Partner | Company you will likely find CTV | OTT | Streaming is quite easy & effective in delivering the best of Television and Digital.

One specific company (will go unnamed) was telling my client CTV and OTT were the same. They are close but absolutely not the same. I built this out so my client would have a full understanding


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