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CTV and OTT are different even if some people claim they are the same.

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

There is a lot of confusion surrounding CTV and OTT. Here is a great article, not from me, that will fully explain the differences.

Some of the confusion is coming directly from sellers. Possibly under-educated or possibly even unscrupulous.

It also may stem from reputable sources within the field. When The Interactive Advertising Bureau- IAB, Media Rating Council-MRC, Nielsen, ComScore, discuss or write about OTT they are primarily focused on TV's.

Simplest definitions of CTV and OTT

OTT is the content being delivered over and around the traditional Broadcaster or Cable company.

CTV is the device that delivers internet-based video content to a television set. CTV includes devices such as Smart TV, Stream Sticks, Streaming Boxes, Game Consoles., it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT



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