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Can' wait for the next: Fireside chat, interaction with a virtual assistant, or next robocall- Not.

I recently place an order for some company merchandise. I was placing the order with the company that I have used several times with great satisfaction.

FOr this order there was no longer a phone number to call, I only had the opportunity to interact with the virtual assistant. It was completely frustrating and my order was completely wrong.

This is the first time I have received an order from this company that I was not 100% satisfied with. In fact, the order was wrong. This is the last I will not be doing business with this company unless they switch back to humans.

I get it, the labor market is tough, wages are increasing, and employers are forced to do things they have not done or even considered in the past. It just seems like cutting out interaction is the last thing That should be cut.

As long as I am on a rant, I should publish my disdain for robocalls, jargon that makes some people feel like they have the upper hand in conversations, and I really don't get why every company is now having fireside chats. I have never seen a fire during these chats, they are often heavily moderated rather than a chat and there aren't any s'mores

Do you really like these concepts & words that are now all too common to business?


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