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2020 the year CTV skyrocketed & traditional tv continued its rapid decline.

This is not all bad news if you are a marketer. CTV | Streaming reduces wasted ad spend and increases advertising impact.

Networks have been losing viewers for years. As ratings declined they did not change much. New news sets, younger ( less expensive talent) a few hit shows. There really was not much they could do. The change was due to the evolution, moving form 3 networks to a few hundred. Consumers wants, needs, time demands also shifted. Many advertisers stayed the path with traditional TV and Cable opting for age and gender delivery. After all TV was still powerful and it still is the largest mass reach media, if you want mass Age and Gender reach.

There was no real game changer until Streaming | CTV made delivery smooth, easy, and more desirable than a 200+ cable monthly bill. Today the viewer's default choice for video viewing is now streaming That is great news for marketers. Streaming | CTV delivers a numerous of benefits , It combines the best of broadcast and digital. Advertisers can get granular targeting their best potential customers first : age, income, interests, purchase intent. CTV reduces wasted ad spend and increases Impact. CTV also provides digital characteristic such as clicks and view throughs. Marketers can review and adjust.

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