You don’t have to outspend your competition, just out think them

The first TV advertisement aired in 1941, law firms were prohibited from advertising on TV until 1977. Gain a strategic advantage with  CTV | OTT.

Legal Advertising Works on CTV specializes in increasing the right cases and reducing the cost per case for the legal profession.

Connected TV (CTV) | Over The Top (OTT) advertising combines the impact, sensory, and storytelling of TV with the attribution, targeting, and precision of digital. There is no need to advertise to everyone everywhere when we can help you advertise to the right people, in optimal proximity, at the best time, on their favorite device, in a program of their choice.

We do this by combining the best of what works, Television and Digital.

Outsmart your competitors, don’t outspend them.

The first television advertisement ran July 1, 1941, law firm  advertising was not approved until June 27, 1977. Marketers and advertisers had a 43-year advantage. Now is the time to close the gap. The increase in CTV | OTT has been astronomical, but the legal category has been slow to adapt.

» 3 out of 4 homes have a connected tv device.
» The average CTV |OTT household watches over 100 hours per month.
» Streaming Households are younger and more diverse than traditional television skewing 55+
» 49% of the US watches AD-Supported streaming and it is growing
» CTV | OTT viewers are more engaged than traditional tv viewers. 40% of streamers reported paused content to learn more online.

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LAW on CTV is your strategic advantage to influencing an untapped market.

Premium Inventory and Placement

Proven Campaign Planning and Execution

Quality Data and Custom Audience

Robust Measurement and Tracking


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LAW on CTV does not work for any of the above companies.

Just as the general public should use professional legal representation, legal marketers should use a trusted and proven  CTV |OTT source.

The rise of CTV | OTT has been rapid and uncoordinated. AD -Supported viewing is scattered across many devices: Smart TV’s, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast

Content is provided by skinny bundles such as Sling, Fubo, Philo, Hulu, You Tube TV and apps such as MLB, NHL, NBA, Tubi, Pluto, Crackle

Professional management of a CTV | OTT campaign can be overwhelming for a company that does not specialize. Just like handling a divorce, medical malpractice, accidents would inundate a novice. Fortunately, LAW on CTV has been handling all of this for clients since the inception of CTV | OTT

Our goal is to be the best at what we do, so our Law Firms can be the best at what they do.

Total Transparency Guarantee

Our Clients See Everything We See

All Deals and CPM’s

Performance by Creative

Performance by time of day

Performance by day of the week

Delivery By Device

Video Completion Rate

View Through

Clicks (where applicable)

Reach and Frequency

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The LAWonCTV mission-  help law firms increase  the right cases & reduce cost per case. We achieve results for our clients through premium     CTV |OTT networks & content, data-driven precision targeting, superior reporting & analytics, campaign optimization, and a 100% transparency guarantee.

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