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Times have changed there are more choices channels, we are diverse & have different interests

I made an intentional decision to start a CTV | Streaming | OTT company in January 2018 after 17 years of being a Broadcast Sales Manager. Cratering ratings would not be the only reason to leave broadcast but it is a good start.

Why target A 1 rating when you can target the 1 person most likely to buy from you.

Ratings had to fall. I am not kicking network TV while it is down. When shows delivered ratings above the mid 20's there simply was not great competition for viewers. Additionally, content on network shows is much more limited than Cable or CTV | Streaming originals. This may be why many network shows are just not entertaining.

The real reason to leave network TV is that the business model has not evolved and potentially deteriorated. The rating system is a mess, commercials are backloaded, and under-delivery is a permanent issue. Rest assured during the 2022 election cycle pre-emptions will happen at an alarming rate. Long-term loyal clients will be bumped for short-term political clients and windfall gains. The largest issue is that the gold standard used to buy Network TV is still Age and Gender.

Using age & gender alone to target an advertising campaign is inefficient for most products. 25-54 is not a target, it is not even a generation (it covers Gen X, Millennials-GenY. My son is no more like me than I was like my father.

CTV gives marketers the opportunity to target purchase intent, interests, lifestyle, income... Additionally, #CTV | #Streaming | #OTT can target down to the zip code level, and conquest brands/ businesses.

With CTV we have the advantage of using digital analytics such as view-throughs and click-throughs form fills, check outs to further optimize campaigns.

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