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The magic of CTV- I tell my voice control remote what I want to watch, within seconds it’s on screen

The other day a friend told me about a show called Finding My Roots on PBS. It is a show where Dr. Henry Gates, a renowned scholar, invites well-known guests on and digs deep into their family roots. Actually, he has a highly skilled team that looks into everything from DNA two birth records in other countries. They go back generations. While this may seem boring, even if you're not into genealogy it is entertaining.

After my friend's recommendation, I thought I would give it a spin. I simply told my CTV remote control and the show I wanted and it was up on my screen in seconds. The two guests were Larry David and Bernie Sanders. You may recall Larry David did an amazing impression of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live.

They certainly learned some shocking information during the show. Including the culminating surprise that they were in fact cousins.

Go ahead give it a shot, Finding My Roots season 4 episode 1. This is what's great about #CTV #OTT #Streaming there is always something to watch.

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