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Ouch, My dogs are barking (my feet hurt). COVID is now impacting my foot fashion

This actually is a business post. Too much time on your feet, too much time on your seat, causes numbness and achy feet.

During the COVID pandemic stand up desks & office chairs sales have surged. Comfortable shoes could be the next sales spike.

People are simply not moving around as they did prior to COVID. Even in small offices, people would walk cube to cube, down the hall to the break room, or actually go out and see clients (remember those days).

When you stand, or sit, or even sit |stand for too long it can really impact your feet. I work long days and after months if sit & stand, my feet were in pain 18 hours a day. I found achy feet lead to cranky attitudes, so I did what I always do, found a solution. Ok, my wife found a solution and I am sharing it with you. OOFOS This is not a fashion tip unless you thought you rocked in Crocs. It is a total comfort tip that I strongly recommend. I have nothing to do with this company, never heard of them until this week, but they made a difference in 24 hours.

Work hard, be happy, and change your shoes.

By the way, this company would do great with a CTV | OTT schedule. we can target people with foot pain and home offices just like we can target people who need a lawyer or law firm, it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT

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