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Mickey, Minnie, what are your rules on accepting political advertising? They are quickly changing

One minute I'm reading about Hulu’s decision to block complete categories of political advertisements.

The next minute I am reading that Disney, who owns Hulu, has decided Hulu's policy on political advertising will be consistent with the Disney policy across the company’s general entertainment and sports cable networks and ESPN+...

.The FCC has long regulated political advertising. There are certain things an ad must contain for a politician or an issue. Stations can reserve the right to review and request edits.

Oftentimes the opposing politician or issue we'll call the station demanding for the ad to be pulled. The response to any and all compliants is up the station or broadcast group. Stations have good legal representation and are very careful to make the right decisions when it comes to political advertising.

Here is the link to the full stories from The Hollywood Reporter


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