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Is legal advertising direct response or branding? It is both.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Is legal advertising direct response or branding? It is both.

A brand is a name, symbol, design… in the mind of a consumer. Over

time the brand takes on A meaning that will distinguish it from the competition and in a time of need people respond in a specific way.

Pavlov's dog heard a Bell and started salivating. It is not that simple, the dog was conditioned. It was always the same Bell. Every time the dog heard the bell, he was given food, it was never withheld.

The Bell = Brand & Conditioning=Advertising.

Direct response advertising is exactly that. Advertising designed for the viewer to respond instantly.

Depending on the seriousness and or speed of the event that is causing the need for legal representation it may not be possible to respond immediately. There may be long-term hospitalizations, multiple family members involved, Health care experts more. Expecting an immediate response may be wishful thinking.

Legal advertisers like direct response. They tend to run an ad and count the calls. Positive outcomes are more than likely a combination of branding and direct response. Legal firm advertising is much more likely to succeed if the firm has gained a positive share of mind with the intended audience before any event necessitates legal representation.

Combining branding and direct response can become expensive. What is the best way to succeed? Influence the most likely to respond audience with proper reach and frequency across multiple screens. This may sound complicated, but it is achievable with CTV | OTT.

If your firm has a good idea of their best prospects: Who they are, where they live, their lifestyles, education. Occupation …Than LAW on CTV can design a schedule to deliver results.

It all starts with a call 727 580 4857

Law on CTV, it is all in the name. Legal Advertising Works On CTV | OTT

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