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Addressable advertising continues to grow as CTV consumption increases

According to the Pew Research Center, a credible source. As of Feb 2021, cable & satellite penetration are 56%. Cable & satellite penetration differ by age range-here is a breakout by age range.

Full article here

Cable & Satellite Penetration down to 56% Feb 2021. People continue to watch they have just switched platforms. out with Cable, In with CTV

Viewership has increased, People just changed platforms. Out with cable and in with CTV.

Top Reasons to cut the cord or not subscribe

1, People can view the content they want for Free

2, The cost of cable or satellite is too expensive

3, They do not watch TV often

Addressability gives more power to advertisers. Rather than target traditional age, gender, & programs, Advertisers can now target purchase intent, interest, income, lifestyle, and more.

With A strong CTV partner, they also get a full suite of digital attribution.

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