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2021 Grammy Ratings plunge 53%. CTV enables marketers to buy audiences rather than programs.

Full article from Variety

With fragmentation, time-shifting, Cord is hard to pick the right program. Even sure-fire hits like the Grammys are under siege. The audience has moved to CTV | Streaming | OTT and that is a great opportunity for marketers. FYI -while traditional Grammy Ratings were down 53%, the Streaming audience was 83% larger than the Grammy's in 2020.

Addressable advertising offered by CTV can ensure advertisers that they are efficiently reaching & influencing the right audience, with the correct message, at the optimal time of consideration or purchase.

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CTV delivers all the impact of TV with digital attribution. It is simple, easy, and efficient to start a CTV campaign. Want to learn more? Let's talk 727 580 4857


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